Discover Bali, the Island of the Gods with Ketut!

You found the right person!
Ketut is a real bouncing balinese driver. I met him at the first time in 2009 on Bali and he was my „guardian angel” during my three weeks holiday on the island. I have known him as a really friendly and familiar man whom I could lean on myself in all conscience. He has many years experience in hospitality and guiding tours for visitors in Bali, speaks English well and knows deeply claims of tourists. Always serves very flexible in arranging places to visit and many times we composed the tour plans together. Ketut is a time-keeper, helpful, a person who you can trust with eternal smile on his face. Tours were pleasurable with him! I surely recommend his service if you would like to visit this fascinating island!

Email: topbalidriver1@gmail.com

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