Elephant Trekking:

    The experience of sitting high a top of an elephant in a teak wood chair, through the cool jungle, is an experience you’ll never forget.
    Get up close and personal with these incredible animals in a beautiful valley and enjoy the landscape in the elephant camp including elephant pool and bird in their natural habitat.


    Rafting is a spectacular experience.
    9 km unforgettable white water rafting experience at the scenic Ayung River.
    Discover hidden waterfalls, swim in the pristine water and feel the thrills of paradise river.
    Expert, experience and fun maker rafting guides will give you an insight into river ecology.
    Rafting provides a great water adventure with beautiful scenery and landscape and also the original nature along this activity.
    Rafting time is approx 2 hours.
    After that you can take a hot shower and than buffet lunch will be served.

Interaction with dolphins:

    A unique experience, delight the hands-on and personal contact program with these wonderful and friendly dolphins in Bali.
    Be part of an unforgettable interactive experience with dolphins.
    These friendly dolphins will amaze you with their intelligence, physical ability and gentleness.
    You’ll spend 40 minutes in specially designed dolphin enclosure, where you’ll have the chance to experience the thrill of up-close and personal contact through hugging, kissing and playing with dolphins!

Bali Safari & Marine Park:

    Let your adventure in the wild! Enjoy the best safari experience in Bali at the home of hundreds of amazing animals representing over 60 species, including some rare and endangered species such as the Komodo, Orangutan, and the Bali Mynah.
    At Bali Safari & Marine Park, you can choose to enjoy your safari journey from the elephant back with the Elephant Back Safari, interact with your favorite animal up close at the Animal Encounter space, learn more about the animals at Elephant Show and Animal Education Show, or make your own big splash at the Water Park and Fun Zone.
    During the Safari Journey come face to face with many animals, the visitor has the opportunity to see the wildlife living naturally all together in these open range regions and you get to take as many photos as you like, all from the comfort and safety of your air conditioned safari tram, with your very own personal guide!
    The Fresh Water Aquarium is the only place where you can see thousand of fish with any shapes that come from many rivers around the world. There are almost 40 species of fish in this area. You can also have closer encounter with the white tip shark in the touch pool. The moment that you should overlook is the feeding time. You can see how the furious piranha, the stunning yellow fish even the almost 3 meter in length of Arapaima get feed by the keeper.
    Satisfy your senses with the unforgettable experience of a night time adventure in the wilderness. A specially designed caged tram will take you on a journey where you will get to see and hand feed animals at close range.
    Even you can enjoy a beautiful theatrical performance, the Bali Agung Show. Bali Agung is a timeless journey through a magical theatrical performance that highlights the rich culture and traditions of Bali. It recounts the tragic and heroic legend of King of Bali and his beloved Chinese wife.

Bali Bird Park & Reptile Park:

    Bali Bird Park is a fascinating world of exotic sights and sounds.
    Enjoy that consist with more than 1.000 birds of over 250 different species from all over the world housed within lush tropical gardens, ponds, waterfalls and check out the live bird show!
    The Bird Park is divided more or less into geographical regions starting with Africa and the Americas, and then Southeast Asian areas (Borneo, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara).
    Bali Bird Park protects species of birds that are threatened by extinction such as Palm Cockatoo. Characteristic feature of Palm Cockatoo are a lot of vocalizations that it makes, including a surprisingly human-like “hello”. The variety and radiance of Indonesian Parrots inside the Bali Bird Park will captive and enthrall you, and rare Cassowaries, Black Palm Cockatoos, Hornbills and one of the world’s largest and most varied collection of “Birds of Paradise” will fascinate you. Crowned Cranes and Tanzanian Flamingos milling serenely by the waters edge and Pelicans floating quietly in shimmering lotus ponds, are just some of the marvelous sights you will experience inside the Bali Bird Park.
    You get access to both the Bird Park and Reptile Park (same – Bali Bird Park ticket).
    The Reptile Park has around 50 different species here. There were some special species here such as California kingsnakes, Gila monster, Taipan, Madagascar tree boa, Sungazers.

Quad, Buggy driving:

    Buggy, Quad are the most challenging adventures to explore the pure natures of Bali with tropical atmosphere surround it.
    The adventure will bring you to the exciting experiences by driving special vehicle of Buggy, Quad to penetrate obstacles such as muddy ground, the bushes, small rivers and etc.
    The vehicles are specially designed for hard track which are very easy to use in wet condition, muddy and reliable control to maneuver jumps.
    These adventures offer you a great opportunity to experience free driving in the pure tropical nature with beautiful panorama surround it.
    You have the choice to drive the vehicle on your personal single drive or tandem with your partner.
    Driving time approx: 2 hours

Climbing Batur volcano/Sunrise trekking:

    Take a real adventure, climb the active Batur volcano in Bali and see the sunrise from the top!
    Trek starts in the dark of the early morning (around 3am), to the highest peak and crater of the mountain for a glorious sunrise and stunning morning views.
    Also there will be breakfast with tea and eggs boiled in volcanic steam.
    During your descent trip, you will explore the three younger craters and the most recent lava flows while you take in the amazing volcanic landscape.
    A climb to the summit of Mount Batur – 1,700 metres above sea level mountain – to watch the sunrise is a great experience for more energetic travelers.
    This is an easy climb of about 2 hours, and local guide will escort you to the top. You do not need to be in peak physical shape to complete this trek.

Diving, snorkeling:

    Bali is the most popular diving destination in Indonesia.
    Bali offers excellent scuba diving at many different dive sites to sea adventurers with professional divers.
    Dive sites are easily reached, visibility is usually good and the corals and fish life is very diverse.
    One of the most famous dive site is Amed and its area on East Bali. It has deep drop-off, steep walls, amazing coral riffs, Japanese shipwreck, very rich underwater marine life with lots of exotic fishes, eels, plenty of reef fish, barracuda, huge sponges, pygmy seahorses and if you are lucky you can see even white tip reef sharks too.
    Famous dive sites in Bali: Amed, Tulamben, Padangbai, Menjangan island, Nusa Penida island, Nusa Lembongan island, Sanur, Nusa Dua

Water Sports:

    Your Bali Holidays will not be complete without trying Bali water sports.
    Sport activities:
    Parasailing, Banana boat, Donut boat, Fly fish, Jet ski, Water ski, Wake board, Glass bottom boat to Turtle Island, Snorkeling, Sea Walker
    Blue sea water without wave is the greatest venue for water sport activities.
    Bali own the gorgeous place with the long white sandy beach situated in Tanjung Benoa as a Marine Sport Center, near Nusa Dua beach.


    Sea walker is an exciting dive activity using safety helmet supplied by free air flow making easily walk and do activities in the water by free breathing.
    This adventure will encourage you to dive within 5 to 10 meter and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of underwater and be face to face with beautiful colored fish and coral reefs.
    It will bring you the experience during your vacation in Bali to discover underwater live and interact with fish which is accompanied by professional dive instructor.
    Seawalker time: 30 minutes

Cruising in Bali:

    Cruising around Bali is a great and exciting adventure to explore the deep blue ocean and the beautiful white sanded beach on the tropical Lembongan Island.
    You will get the fantastic experience on the luxurious boat with professional and experienced ship crews.

    Choose by variety of cruise activities:
    -Reef Cruise
    -Beach Club Cruise
    -Aristocat Sailing
    -3 Islands Ocean Rafting Cruise
    -Dolphin Watching Cruise
    -Castaway Cruise
    -Romantic Sunset Dinner Evening Cruise
    -Sunset Dinner Cruise

Spa, massage:

    Spas and Body Massages have been a part of the Balinese culture for many centuries.
    Bali truly has become the Spa capital of Asia, if not the world!
    The Balinese commonly believe that the body is a sacred temple for the soul and thus, a visit to any Bali Spa as per the common belief, brings peace to the spirit, calm to the mind and vitality to the body.
    Bali Spas offer many traditional treatments which use local herbs and healing oils. Balinese massage oil is usually made of extracts of ginger, frangipani, sandalwood and coconut. Several options include Back and foot massages, Body Scrubs, mandi Lulur, body contour, relaxing and reviving massages.
    Traditional Balinese massage uses a combination of acupressure and aromatherapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and ‘qi’ (energy) around your body, bringing deep relaxation and wellness. It can be rigorous, since the masseuse will use skin-rolling, acupressure and reflexology. Throughout the massage aromatherapy oils are used to soothe you.
    Deep pressure manipulation with medium-depth strokes and pressure points is used to reach below the superficial muscle layers.
    This massage helps to balance the energy centers and improve the integration of your internal systems.
    The stretching techniques also help with sore spots and old injuries.

Yoga, meditation:

    Bali offers many world class yoga and meditation retreats with professional teachers, where you can immerse yourself in the physical, mental and spiritual practices.

Meeting a real spiritual healer man (palm reading, hand reading, full body reading, aura cleansing, healing, life coaching):

    Are you interested in and believe spirituality? For the Balinese and Indonesian people the spirituality is no question. This is a well known and believed sense, knowledge.

    Meet a real spiritual healer man in the Island of the Gods!

    The science of palm reading has been prevailing in the world since time immemorial. The palmistry is very unique, interesting, wonderful and also mysterious. From small and narrow hand palm readers are capable see a lot of things of our lives. It says the exact character of human being and also the depth of your wealth, potentiality of your health, career and businesses, love marital life, child ext.

    Palm reading reveals your disease and life span from the past, present, childhood and future. The science of hand reading is a fascination to everyone. This science is easily to increase your social circle, palm reading can recognize anyone very easily if the person belong rich or poor, labor or intellectual class, soft or harsh spoken.

    A successful palm reader is able to understand the mentality and heart of any person.

    Agus is a great talented palm reader. Devoted to offering you a professional palm reading session and the solution. He won’t only read your palm but will aid you as well to give you a solution of your issue. He will assisting you to solve to your incertitude about your career, love, marriage, business,future and more.

    With the blessing of the God and with his natural talent he will do everything in his power to make you releasing and reaching the happiness in your life. So don’t miss this special and spiritual opportunity during your stay in Bali.



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